PRO MMA 20 X 20 Professional MMA Cage

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20 foot octagon cage with delivery available. Buy or Rent today! For rental rates call customer service at (323) 460-4600

State of the art design and construction by one of the most respected names in the industry to meet the highest standards as required by state boxing commissions.

Rental Specifications

  • Buy Factory Direct and Save! Fastest turn around on all orders, only at FIGHT SHOP. The strongest cage in the world, is also the easiest and quickest to set up and take down. Thanks to our design, a PROLAST CAGE is the absolute best cage you can own. In addition to our great design, we also offer the absolute lowest prices. We are the manufacturer and worldwide distributor. We bring in the raw steel, the vinyl coated cage wire, and all of the parts and pieces. We cut, weld, fabricate, paint, and build the entire cage in our shop. This gives you the highest quality product at the lowest price. These cages are elevated competition cages. Standard floor height is 36 inches, but we can customize the height for you at any height. While other companies use smaller and lighter weight materials, we use PRO SIZE structural grade steel for the absolute strongest frame and the easiest set up. A PRO CAGE is built strong and tough. Super strong poles with big 12 inch bottom plates, expertly welded and built to take the toughest abuse. You gotta be tough to train and fight in a cage, so your cage should be tough too. When you are serious about MMA, you should UNLEASH A BEAST! Our cages set up quickly and easily. We use a NO-BOLT frame system that two people can set up in ten minutes or less. The cage panels bolt on quickly and easily and we have the absolute strongest cage in the world! No bounce in the cage floor, no movement at the poles, making our cage the safest cage available. A 4 person crew can set the entire cage up in an hour. We build our cage panels out of the strongest available vinyl coated chain link and all of the fence frame panels are welded steel frames built to be super strong so there is no bending and the cage itself stays tight and strong no matter how much abuse your fighters want to give it. We do not use any thin wall "chain link fence" parts. We use strong steel tubing welded together to last a lifetime. Our cage doors are the strongest, without question. They open and close very smoothly and once closed, they stay closed and will not open no matter how much stress and weight the fighters place on them. We fabricate our own special door frames, hinges, and locking device. No one else has a better door system. Every portion of the cage is padded and vinyl covered for superior protection and our cages are legal to use in every state and will easily pass every athletic commission's rules.





Fight Shop® reserves the right to charge a 75% Cancellation Fee charge on all rental reservations if a cancellation occurs for a Boxing Ring Rental, MMA Cage Rental, or MMA Ring Rental Cancellation takes place. 


* Note: A e-mail has to be sent confirming CANCELLATION of a reservation to

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