Boxing Rings

We offer professional-grade MADE IN USA boxing rings for sale. Our Boxign Rings offer boxing gyms a way to take training to a whole another level and give their fighters valuable in-ring experience. These Boxing Rings can also be purchased by professional organizations and used in sanctioned fights. Our rings give your fighters the chance to work on ring awareness and get a sense of space in a professional ring. From 8' X 8' all the way up to 24' X 24', our Boxing Rings come in a range of sizes to fit most boxing gyms. These boxing rings for sale are built to last, as they feature the finest materials and construction quality.

Complete your order with our warranty-backed boxing ring accessories. These can be useful in a boxing club or at a professional event. From entry stairs to turnbuckle pads, our boxing ring accessories make a perfect addition to your gym or promotion.

Our Boxing Ring Rental staff can assist you with many of your needs in a promoting a top quality event. That includes such services as assembling talent, matchmaking, ringside talent, product vendors, production, audio/visual, photography, graphic design, and press relations.

Whether you need a ring for a professional boxing event, pro wrestling event, television production,
or birthday party, FIGHT SHOP is the perfect choice for your needs. With over 50 years of
Experience handling everything from arena events to tv commercials and corporate spirit days, we can easily and reliably take on any rental.