Fairtex Curved Kick Small Thai Pads

Fairtex Curved Kick Small Thai Pads


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Train like a pro with the small Fairtex Pro Curved Kick Pads. These Thai pads use premium cow hide leather, a curved shape, and padded velcro closure. They are available in one color combination only, black/white as shown in the pictures.

The design of these pads allow you to absorb for more accurate and powerful strikes with less effort. They’re also lighter weight and with softer padding than regular versions, so it’s easier on your hands and there’s less impact. An ergonomic design makes sure they fit comfortably on the trainer’s forearm.  Their small size makes them ideal for practicing realistic combinations, with soft padding across the top so the trainer can safely counter with hooks and jabs.

The Fairtex Pro Curved Kick Thai pads are soft and flexible even on first use which makes them an excellent option for training with amateurs and kids.

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