Fairtex Barrel Bag Purple

Fairtex Barrel Bag Purple


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Fairtex BAG9 is a retro style, barrel shaped gym bag. It uses premium grade waterproof nylon and other materials. It is available in a turquoise or purple color, both with white accent.

This bag has one main compartment with “Fairtex Muay Thai Department, Legendary since 1971” written on the side. There is a pocket at each end of the cylindrical bag; one side has a brown retro style Fairtex logo, the other has “Fairtex 1971 Fighter ” in white bold letters. These pockets have easy pull tabs and strong Velcro closures.

Inside the main compartment, there is one small zipper pocket for valuables and key ring snap. The heavy duty zipper YKK is white, with Fairtex brand zipper pulls.

The straps on this bag are super soft yet durable. They use metal hardware for a  durable, vintage look. The outside of these straps has a white stripe, the inside says “Never Give Up”. The main strap is long enough to wear across your body. The smaller straps are for over the shoulder use. These smaller straps are attached near the opening of the bag and again along the bottom. There is an unattached portion that allows for easy transport of a yoga mat to and from the gym.

This bag measures 50 cm long and 30 cm wide.

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