UK Property: Getting The Most for Your Money

It’s no secret that in the last decade or more the UK property market has seen a sustained surge of growth that experts agree is unparalleled in living memory. And today, it’s equally true to say that – with this growth showing no sign of easing – it’s only going to get harder for first-time buyers to enter the market. In fact, this issue has grown so prominent that it’s now become a fixed topic within our media and all the big political parties use it regularly for point-scoring and electioneering. But what can new buyers do to help themselves – especially when you consider how credit score affects mortgages – and what areas of the UK offer the most value?

UK Property Prices

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How Your Credit Score can Affect Your Mobile Phone Contract

Most people are aware of the importance of credit score when it comes to applying for credit cards, mortgages and personal loans – even if the finer details can sometimes seem confusing.  You may be surprised though to find out just how much credit score can impact your life beyond the sober world of personal finance and interest rates. If you’ve thought recently about what affects credit score or how to improve credit score then the chances are you’re unaware that by growing a good credit score, you could gain access to better mobile contracts. In fact, credit score can often prove the difference between a mobile phone contract being approved or rejected. By gaining an understanding of what affects credit score – viewing a free credit report is a good place to start – you can go some way to understanding why the mobile phone companies act as they do.

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Gain a Good Credit Score for Brighter Future


Improve credit score

Your credit score can often be confusing to understand and even more problematic when it comes to knowing what to do with it. We decided to take a look at what consumers know and what they don’t and in the process make everything a little easier to understand.

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