PROLAST Wrecking Ball Heavy Punching Bag

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This PROLAST Wrecking Ball Heavy Bag design is ideal for all punches, kicks and strikes and will work the complete lower body arsenal from all angles and degrees. An excellent alternative to conventional heavy bags and makes a perfect addition to any workout. New rounded design really challenges all mid-section punches. Ideal size for everyone from juniors to heavyweights. In addition this Heavy bag is the Best Standard sized Heavyweight Punching Bag on the Market! Ideal for all-around full contact punching and kicking. Not a cheap import! Constructed in the USA from the finest materials by PROLAST®. Features a shell of heavyweight RIP-STOP® Technology impregnated material, quadruple-stitched along all stress seams. Resists weathering, stains, etc. Top hanging straps are heavyweight industrial webbing and run the entire length of the bag. Each bag is hand-stuffed with a custom blend of materials (no sawdust or paper!) Won't settle! All bags are hand-inspected and come with LIFETIME warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.


This MADE IN USA maize bag is filled with custom filling. It is suspended to the ceiling with a chain, and its weight allows it to swing back and forth quickly. The maize bag is also called the slip bag.


The maize bag is used to practice defense, specifically using head movement (i.e. slipping and ducking) to avoid punches. The maize ball is not meant to be hit. You push it so that it swings back and forth.

PROLAST® manufactures and sells these bags and they come complete with PROLAST® EZ CLIPS.




* PROLAST® RIP-STOP® Technology make this the most durable bag in the business

* Approximate 75 lbs. design is ideal.

* Size: 25 x 30

* Color: Black/Red

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