PRO ELITE USA 14' X 14 Low Boy Training Professional Boxing Ring

PRO ELITE USA 14' X 14 Low Boy Training Professional Boxing Ring

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The PRO ELITE USA Lowboy Training Boxing Ring is the top slightly elevated training ring available, built for professional gyms, boxing clubs, combat training centers, health clubs, recreation centers, schools, military and industrial requirements. The frame and corner posts are manufactured with heavy gauge steel to solidly endure the most demanding daily training and sparring, from youths to super heavyweights. Advanced technological design utilizes our exclusive drop-in frame that virtually alleviates hardware for faster installation and almost no after setup frame maintenance. Once the wood flooring (not included) is secured to the frame, a super-steady, extra-secure 12” slightly elevated ring is ready for intense training action. The Lowboy Training Ring is the top training ring at the best cost for all gym demands. Comes complete with everything shown.

Lowboy Slightly Elevated Training Boxing Ring Includes All of the Following:

  • Full Heavy Gauge All Steel Frame
  • 4 Heavy Gauge Steel Corner Posts
  • 4 Professional Ring Corner Cushions (1 Red, 1 Blue, 2 White)
  • 4 Regulation Ring Ropes and Rope Covers (1 Red, 1 Blue, 2 White)
  • 16 Professional Adjustable Turnbuckles
  • 16 Turnbuckle Covers (4 Red, 4 Blue, 8 White)
  • Set of 8 Professional Ring Rope Spacers
  • 1” Polyethylene Ring Padding
  • Heavy Gauge Canvas Ring Cover (Blue)
  • Full Length Broadcloth Ring Skirt (Red)
  • 8 Rope Clamps, 16 Rope Retainer Rings
  • All Assembly Hardware

******Alternate Accessory Color Options Available, Contact Us For Details******

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