Hayabusa T3 LX Boxing Gloves Slate Grey Color

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  • LUXURIOUS FULL GRAIN LEATHER: The rich aroma, smooth texture, and timeless look all evolve with use.
  • BUILT FOR COMFORT WITH A TAILORED FIT: Interior fabric feels smooth and cool on your hands and helps to regulate your hand temperature with two interlocking velcro wrist straps you can adjust to fit your hands perfectly for Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Kickboxing, and Muay Thai.
  • WORLD RENOWNED WRIST SUPPORT: Dual wrist straps and splinting system work together to keep your wrists aligned with each punch. It locks your wrists in place when you strap up, preventing risky and damaging bends.
  • ULTIMATE KNUCKLE PROTECTION: Premium foam technology absorbs impacts, dispersing energy for unparalleled knuckle protection during training or sparring.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Interior: use a water-dampened washcloth to wipe away oils and dirt, which can accumulate during use. Open fully to dry. Exterior: leather conditioners & oils not recommended, as this can trap moisture in the leather, causing premature breakdown. The surface can be washed using a water-dampened washcloth. A mild saddle soap may be employed; however, we caution that this may alter the color of the leather.

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