Everlast MX2 Focus Mitts Visit

Everlast MX2 Focus Mitts Visit


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The Everlast MX line is the perfect combination of Mexican tradition and unmatched standards of function and performance for a professional fit and feel. Draped in classic highest-quality Piel Planchada Mexican leather, the redesigned MX2 Pro Micro Focus Mitts new 5-layer foam construction offers maximum impact absorption for those heavy hitters. Lightweight micro design with curved impact surface provides one of the most targeted training routines on the market. Open finger design controls hand temperature for breathability and sweat deterrence while padded cuff adds protection for back of hand and wrists. The ultimate in tradition and design; the Everlast MX2 Pro Micro Focus Mitts.

Microfocus professional level training

Open finger design

Padded cuff

Curved impact surface

5 Layer foam construction

Laced closure construction

Visual impact target

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