Top Mobile Apps To Help You Save Money

We’re all well aware of the downturn in the economy and are constantly reminded of credit checks and credit reports. However, this has made us a nation who are much more aware of our own spending.

It can still be difficult to keep our money and spending under control though. We’ve therefore scowered the Internet to find some of the best apps to help you keep your finances carefully managed as well as apps to help you save money. Here are our top 5:

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A Guide to Credit Ratings

Your credit rating is the means by which all kinds of financial institutions determine whether you are a safe bet to lend to. If you’re looking to secure a mortgage, loan, bank account overdraft, credit card or even a monthly payment product like a mobile phone contract then the institution you want to deal with will check your credit rating to see if you are a viable candidate.

The following guide is designed to give you a brief overview of what credit rating scores mean, how they are calculated by lenders and the key factors that can either negatively or positively affect your score. This should show you to importance of understanding your credit report and show you how to improve your credit score in order to secure the financial product of your choice.

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