Evasive Action: Improving Your Credit Score From Rock Bottom

Maybe you’ve just got the results of a free credit report and discovered that your credit rating couldn’t be any lower? If so you’re in the same position as many others and, much more importantly, all is far from lost. With the right planning it is possible to recover from a rock bottom credit rating and find your way back to financial health.

Improve Credit Rating

To recover as a matter of urgency, it is important to be aware of what affects credit score as this will help you improve your credit rating accordingly. So if you’re now in a position where you need to find answers to the questions of what affects credit score or how to improve credit score then follow our advice to improve your credit rating from today.

Two Top Tips on How to Improve Credit Score when it Reaches at an All-Time Low

When taking steps around how to improve credit score, it’s worth remembering that it wasn’t damaged overnight and it can’t be repaired overnight either – it’s going to take a good few months of positive action. Therefore, it’s important to be patient and disciplined and not to expect instant results. That said, if you follow our two simple steps below then you can start to improve your credit score now and see it rise in as quick a time as possible.

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Saving on Your Car Insurance Could Help to Improve Your Credit Rating

Most people would agree that organising and buying car insurance is one of life’s most irritating tasks, especially considering the personal expense involved. And if you’re also keeping a close eye on what affects credit score, or how to improve credit score, there’s so much to consider that the process only gets more gruelling.

To help you, we’ve researched and listed out our top 5 money saving tips around insuring your vehicle. By following our guide you can remove some of the pain – and help improve your credit rating too.

Improve credit rating with your car insurance

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The Changing Prices of Property in London

London has become known across the world as being one of the most expensive cities on Earth. If ever you wanted to evidence of that, all you need do is take a look at the constantly changing property market. Like the Thames it’s built on, London’s property market is anything but constant, with the average cost of a home in the capital constantly fluctuating. In June this year the average cost of a home in London would set you back £499,000 compared to £492,000 in May. To add to that, the amount lenders are making available is changing just as much. August this year saw a 5% drop in the amount lent across mortgage hunters.

In a city where £100,000 will buy you as much as a garage, it’s almost impossible to know what you will be able to get for your money. We took a look at some of the average prices of property across the capital and how they compared to last year.

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