Matman TriForce Earguard Wrestling Headgear

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The Matman Triforce 3-Strap Wrestling Ear Guard is one of the most easily adjustable, and comfortable headgears on the planet. The term ‘Triforce’ comes from three things: power, grace, and awesomeness. Its recessive vent system offers profoundly improved audibility, so you can hear your coach, parents, teammates or dog cheering you on at any given moment. In addition, they made the outer surface much more smooth and level that its competitors, as not to scratch your wrestling partner. The strapping system includes two top straps and one double-wide back strap. This simplifies the back-of-head adjustment (which can be tedious) while allowing for precise adjustment on the top of the head. Also included is a strap holder so that those top straps don’t get pulled down into your eyes. Built for comfort, the Triforce features ultra-soft, extra thick foam around the ears, as well as a comfy chin pad. This foam was made to last and not harden over time.

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