Understanding the Credit Score System

Credit Scores. One of those terms we have all heard of but don’t quite understand. For some it is a walk in the path, for others it can bring a cold shiver down ones back. Knowing your credit score and understanding your score can be vital when it comes to applying for a mortgage and extra credit.

We created this infographic to break down what all the numbers mean and how your credit score is calculated.

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Top Mobile Apps To Help You Save Money

We’re all well aware of the downturn in the economy and are constantly reminded of credit checks and credit reports. However, this has made us a nation who are much more aware of our own spending.

It can still be difficult to keep our money and spending under control though. We’ve therefore scowered the Internet to find some of the best apps to help you keep your finances carefully managed as well as apps to help you save money. Here are our top 5:

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