Festive Debt: How to Avoid Damaging your Credit Score Over Christmas

Why does Christmas spending often lead to New Year debt?

We are all familiar with the extra costs associated with Christmas such as gifts for friends and family, increased spending on food and alcohol especially for those hosting parties or Christmas dinner and that general pressure to go forth, socialise and make merry at what is meant to be a magical time of the year.

However with the average UK household set to spend in excess of £800 this year on Christmas according to research from YouGov and research this time last year from the Money Advice Service predicting that 34% of Britons would start 2014 in debt as a direct result of Christmas spending, the financial repercussions become hard to ignore. The all too likely unfortunate consequence is something of a financial hangover come January when the credit card statements hit the door mat or the email inbox.

Christmas Credit Score

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What Exactly IS a Credit Score?

What is a credit score? A question many of us ask, but not all can fully answer with confidence. With so many aspects which can have an impact on your credit score it can be hard to completely understand how to manage one. From applying for a mortgage to achieving a lower interest rate, your credit score is vital indicator for lenders to decide how credit-worthy you are.

We decided to take a look at what exactly is a credit score, what’s contained in a report and where you can get your free credit report to set you on the way to improving your credit score.

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Top 5 Things to Look for When Choosing Your Credit Card

Choosing a credit card, or at least the right credit card for you, is not as straightforward as it might seem. With so many options on the market, having the ability to make an informed choice could really benefit you in the long term – especially when you consider that a bad choice of credit card could potentially cost you hard cash over a sustained period.

To help you find a credit card that you can rely on to protect and nurture your financial health and credit rating, we’ve put together a list of 5 key factors for you to consider when weighing-up what card to get.

Choosing a Credit Card

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